RussianT-90MS Tank completes Trial in Kuwait


The T-90MS tank has passed a complete set of tests in Kuwait, Alexei Zharich, deputy director general of the Uralvagonzavod plant, ” We regard the T-90MS tank as the headliner of our export capabilities… It has passed a complete test cycle in an Arab country,” he said.

Zharich, said that the manufacturer was fulfilling foreign orders worth $3 billion now.
The T-90MS – an upgraded version of the T-90 – was unveiled at RAE 2011. The manufacturer believes the model is facing bright prospects on the Middle East armament market. The T-90MS is equipped with a more powerful engine, a new air conditioner, beefed-up armor protection and a turret-mounted machine-gun as compared with the baseline model.
Rosoboronexport Deputy Director General Igor Sevastyanov said that a number of Middle East nations were keen on Russian tank T-90, with one of them intent on testing it in the country. Earlier, Uralvagonzavod Head Oleg Siyenko said that the T-90MS had passed its tests in Kuwait.

Features of the T-90MS main battle tank

The extensively upgraded T-90MS tank will deliver enhanced combat capabilities in present warfare scenarios. The tank offers superior fire power and protection than that of its predecessor.

The T-90MS features improved automotive components, suspension, protection, firepower and mobility. It can accommodate three crew members including a driver, commander and a gunner. The combat weight of the tank is 48,000 kg. The tank can incorporate an optional air conditioner cooling unit and an auxiliary diesel generator producing a minimum electric power of 7 kW.

Armament of the T-90MS MBT

The main armament of the T-90MS tank is a 125 mm 2A46M-5 high accuracy gun. The cannon can fire different types of ammunition. The tank has the capacity to carry up to 40 rounds of 125 mm ammunition.

The MBT is also armed with a 7.62 mm 6P7K anti-aircraft machine gun on a remotely controlled weapon station mounted on top of the turret to destroy stationary and moving targets. It can carry 2,000 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition and 800 cartridges. Six smoke-grenade discharges are also fitted on each side of the turret.

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