Kuwait BMP-3

Russia has completed the shipment of KUWAITI BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, Albert Bakov, first vice president and co-owner of the Tractor Works Concern, the manufacturer of these machines, told TASS today. “The shipment is completed and the last lot has gone to the customers,” the interlocutor told the Agency.

030223-N-1050K-001  Camp Patriot, Kuwait (Feb. 23, 2003) -- The Gulf Country Council (GCC) continues its protective buildup of member state Kuwait, in preparation for possible war in Iraq.  The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a GCC member, offloads a BMP3 Tank at a Kuwaiti port facility from its Elbahia L62 landing craft.  The GCC is comprised of Kuwait, UAE, Suadi Arabia, Baharain, Oman and Qatar continues its 12-year cooperation with a show of support for its Gulf neighbor.  U.S. Navy photo by Journalist 1st Class Joseph Krypel.  (RELEASED)

Bakov noted that the Kuwaiti colleagues expressed a desire to continue cooperating with Russia in defense equipment procurement. Kuwait made the first purchase of BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles from Russia as early as 1994.

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