Rheinmetall To Sell Armoured NBC Reconnaissance Vehicles To Kuwait

Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH (RMMV) has won a contract from Kuwait to supply twelve armoured NBC reconnaissance vehicles, the 2 NBC-RS “Spürfuchs”.

The Fuchs/Fox 2 NBC-RS features a fully integrated suite of devices for identifying NBC warfare agents and other hazardous materials, built into a well- protected, high-mobility 6×6 armoured transport vehicle capable of operating in extreme terrain.The order also includes support in the form of training, service and spare parts. The company announced today that the delivery of the vehicle commences in 2017.

An accompanying technical support agreement contract covers a period of five years, beginning as soon as the first Fuchs/Fox 2 NBC-RS vehicle enters service. Pietro Borgo, Managing Director of RMMV and Member of the Executive Board of Rheinmetall Defence said, “By placing this order, Kuwait will soon possess NBC reconnaissance capabilities that are second to none. We are very pleased to be making a decisive contribution here.”

The outcome of a systematic development effort, the vehicles earmarked for Kuwait are the first to feature an additional biological detection capability.

When it comes to detecting biological threats, RMMV can supply users not only with the advanced Fuchs/Fox 2 NBC-RS, but also depending on their operational requirements with a separate biological detection laboratory as well, mounted on the carrier platform of their choice.

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