New Detecting Device in Kuwait Airport

General Administration of Customs today inaugurated the «Sutter» device in the Kuwait International Airport Terminal, which is a distinct and modern equipment to check the suspects in the smuggling of contraband inside their insides or in sensitive places in their bodies or under their clothes.

The general director of the General Administration of Customs Khaled Alsaif «opinion» that there is a plan to update all the security services in the border ports and airport Kuwait, stressing that the device «Sutter» is the beginning of more devices that will be the airport to provide them «to deter smugglers and revealed the twisted roads in the smuggling of contraband such as transport in the viscera or in sensitive areas of the body, also ensures that travelers from Kuwait to delay and speed the completion of their entry to the country. »

Alsaif and pointed out that the administrative development occupies a large portion of «Customs» plan in developing its business, and therefore will be today automated distribution operation for inspectors and auditors and loyal to the organization of work in ridding the customs formalities to ensure speed and transparency and eliminate corruption in the completion of the transaction, so that the transaction is the movement of employees to Last automatically, explaining that the partial operation will start today in the cargo contained on that later system updates on shipping issued after evaluation of the experience.

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