Kuwaiti Ships will cross the oceans

Commander of the Kuwaiti Navy, Major General Khalid Ahmed Alkandiri revealed the joint military exercise between the Kuwaiti Navy frigate warships Indian «Tabar» yesterday morning as they left Kuwait, referring to the non-participation of Kuwait in the Global Maritime Conference to be held in India early next year by ship to the difficulty of access Navy ships Currently the big ocean to confine ourselves to participate and Kuwaiti naval officers.

AlKandiri told reporters on the sidelines of a reception hosted by the Indian Embassy on board the warship «Deepak» Thursday evening that the Indian Navy is one of the world’s largest lakes in the potential and knowledge of and experience ceremony, noting that there are a lot of Kuwaiti officers may have been trained in, revealing Kuwaiti Navy plans to own the largest ships in the future be able to reach to the ocean to participate in the exercises with a lot of big countries.

In turn, the Indian military attache of the Gulf Cooperation Council Jurbal Singh military cooperation between his country and Kuwait was described as part of the strong and historic bilateral relations between the two countries, pointing out that «there is an exchange of experiences between the armed forces of both countries as there are officers Kuwaitis being trained in India as well Indian officers to receive training in Kuwait », pointing out that« the Indian Navy ships visit Kuwait on a regular basis ».

He stated that these joint exercises will lead to more mutual trust between the two navies will lead to ease the signing of agreements in this area soon for the benefit of the two countries, pointing out that there is a great convergence between the two navies during the past two years.

Singh that his country does not export military equipment to Kuwait at the moment, confirming that it made a lot of equipment and weapons ships and waiting for the signing of agreements in this regard if you wish to Kuwait, pointing out that «the crew of the frigate Tabar of 220 is considered Indian industry – Russian joint while the number of The crew in the ship Deepak fully manufactured in India and 280 military officers. »

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