Smart Airport 

SMART Airports is a series of five, one-day conferences and the official set of conference which run alongside inter airport Europe, the airport industry’s key trade fair for equipment, technology, design and service. Once again, both conference & trade fair will once again take place in Munich, Germany.

This will be the eighth time Munich has hosted this high-tech trade fair and this year’s Exhibition and Conference will again be staged at the Messe München an International trade fair facility.

Beginning on Monday, October 5 and concluding on Friday, October 9, 2015, SMART Airports Conferences will provide delegates with stimulating topics and information as well as the chance to network and hear from a wide range of influential Speakers.

Each day of SMART Airports will be its own individual conference, each of which will investigate numerous themes and insights. The topic of each day are as follows: 

DAY 1: Aviation & Economic Development

DAY 2: Design & Development

DAY 3: IT & Automation

DAY 4: Airport Security

DAY 5: Green Airports

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