IRIS-T Ground Based Multi Mission Radar (GBMMR)

IRIS-T Ground Based Multi Mission Radar (GBMMR)

Based on CEA‘s proven S-Band Active Phased Array Radar, GBMMR is configurable as a fixed or mobile system that provides 3D air and ground surveillance in a number of environments.
Capabilities include:
• Ground Based Air and Missile Defense (GBAD),
• Ground and Sea Surveillance, • Air Traffic Control (ATC),
• Ground Weapon Locating Radar (GWLR) and • Counter – Rocket Artillery and Mortar (C – RAM). GBMMR also provides an IFF component to situational awareness in airspace battle management and is tailored for operations with IRIS-T SLM to meet key operational medium range GBAD requirements.

Key features:
• airspace surveillance & target tracking for IRIS-T SLM
• 360° radar coverage up to 200km range
• 90° radar horizon up to 30km altitude
• short inner range • on-the-move capable
• simultaneous management of more than 500 tracks
• fire control accuracy with very high update rates
• comprehensive threat catalog: fighters, helicopters, transport aircrafts, UAV, UCAV, cruise/anti-radar/air-to-surface missiles, rocket, artillery and mortar
• automatic detection, tracking, and classification
• very fast detection of very low RCS targets
• high ECCM capability
• all mode IFF functionality
• remotely controlled by TOC

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